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Saturday, May 18, 2013

TOS Review: High School Prep Genius

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    In just a few short months we will have a high schooler in the house.  As a homeschool mom, I am trying to learn all I can to make sure we use these next 4 years wisely as we prepare our son for college, life and manhood.  My son and I have been reading through the book, High School Prep Genius, which is put out by College Prep Genius.  We have found it most helpful and insightful.
     We chose to read High School Prep Genius, An Academic Guide to Excellence at the perfect time, since the book is written to begin reading at the start of the high school freshman year.  The introduction of the book includes a very useful "9th-12th Grade Timeline."  It guides you month-to-month the things you should be doing or preparing for. 
   The heart of the book is divided up into 3 sections which address foundations for personal, academic and future success.  My son and I focused primarily on the academic section.  (That's what is so great about this book...you can pick and choose the sections/chapters that will benefit you the most.)  In these 3 main sections there are 6 chapters per section.  In each chapter, there is a section of information to read, questions for the student to answer, a page or two for parents to read, and then "Parents' Homework." The way these sections are set up worked easily for our use.  I liked that my son had to think out and write down his thoughts concerning study habits, etc.   The parent homework was simple to understand, and reminded me of things I can do to encourage, challenge and prepare my son for academic excellence. 
     A bonus of High School Prep Genius is that is contains more information than is printed on the page.  They give lots of other websites and books for additional resources.  For example,  I was MOST excited to learn about the SAT question of the Day.  There are appendices at the end of the book.  I've already highlighted Appendix A...How to Build a Homeschool Transcript
    The bulk of this book is written for high school students who are in school.  Homeschoolers are mentioned throughout the book, but are not the primary focus.  This book is also primarily written for high school students who are preparing for college.  There is a small section that talks about the fact that college is not for everyone, but the focus is definitely to prepare for college and life beyond. 
     Preparing your homeschooler for high school can be a bit daunting.  (Take it from me...I'm feeling daunted!) Homeschool moms (and dads) are no longer just "teachers," but are "guidance counselors" as well!  This is scarier to me than being my son's teacher.  High School Prep Genius will remain on our shelf for the next 6 years...until both of my boys are away at college.  I will think of it as my "guidance counselor."  She will need to be consulted often, no doubt.

A few words from my son on "High School Prep Genius"......

This book was very encouraging.  It tells you to make the most of the time you have now.  It convinced me that the information it gives is for my best.  The questions at the end of the chapter really made me think. 

High School Prep Genius can be purchased for $29.95

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