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Friday, August 26, 2011

Darth Vader + Headphones = Math done!

I wrote about how "Bach saved my sanity" a few blog postings ago.  True, classical music really does help my boys concentrate and get motivated.  Turns out, it works best for my oldest son.  So---he came up with just playing his "no words" music on his MP3 player.  That way, his younger brother can have quiet and he can have the music that really helps him concentrate.   This has really come in handy this week since we are working on finishing up the remains of his 6th grade Singapore Math---(the
Challenging Word Problems section.  :) 

Nothing like a little "Darth Vader" theme music from Star Wars to get you pumped for doing word problems!  (A little "Braveheart" music mixed in there, too.)

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