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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Preschool Sunday School~~~God Told Moses to Lead the People

Sunday we learned about how Moses lead God's people out of Egypt. 

The Israelites had to pack their bags quickly.  We made travel bags.  (I used colored file folders...worked perfectly!)  The children colored hairbrushes, toothpaste, etc. to glue inside their bags.

We learned that the Egyptians gave the Israelites their jewelry. 

We had LOTS of fun making necklaces and bracelets out of  aluminum foil!  (My moms were so excited when their children presented them with these beautiful treasures...and were given the request to put them on immediately...and wear them to church!)

"There is no other God"
Isaiah 45:22

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Better Than Bringing Me Home Flowers

      What's better than bringing me home flowers?  
Bringing me home this: 

An old birdcage!  My sweet husband saw a yard sale on the side of the road today...and the guy was just giving everything away.  The birdcage even came with vintage bird poo and a little feathery bird inside. (Eat your heart out ladies.)  It will definitely need a good cleaning.  I think I'll remove the perches.  Haven't decided if I'm gonna paint it.  It just makes me smile that my husband knows me so well.  I do like it when he brings me home flowers...I'm not that weird...they just better be the kind I can plant in the ground.  (Hehe...no, really.  I'm serious.)    :)

Here are some ideas I'm getting from Pinterest: 

Vintage birdcages--and I LOVE the kitchen! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday School with my 4's and 5's~~~Jesus and Bartimaeus

We had a wonderful morning...me and 6 sweet preschoolers.

We started a new unit today entitled: Real Life Questions.  The question for today was: "Does God Love People?"  (Yes!)  Jesus showed love to Bartimaeus by healing his blindness.

There is no other God.  Isaiah 45:22

Boys and girls had a fun time dipping chalk in water and drawing self-portraits.

We looked at our faces in the mirror before drawing.  We looked especially at our eyes to see what color they are.  We learned that Bartimaeus was blind and could not see.

One little girl said as she worked, "I've never done this before!"  (I love it when I get to be with preschoolers when they try something new!!)

Clean-up time! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

January/February Free Issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

It's here!  Check out the LATEST ISSUE of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for homeschooling families.

There are several articles on beating those homeschool winter blues.  (I've talked to lots of homeschool moms who go through this, myself included.  The thing that helps us is having school by the fireplace on those cold, dreary days.) 

 My favorite article was: When's the Optimal Time to Master Latin?  I breathed a sigh of relief since we plan to study Latin...but haven't started yet.

Happy Reading!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cute Curtains on the Cheap

A while back, one set of the blinds in the dining room bit the dust.  Instead of purchasing expensive blinds again, I opted to just make some simple curtains.  (So much easier to clean!)
This is with no blinds.

I wanted a "linen" look without the linen price...so muslin it was!  About the cheapest fabric one can buy.

I used some leftover white fabric to make the white ruffled pullbacks.  I used some leftover hook and eye fasteners on the back.  (So easy!)  I got the basic idea for the pullbacks from THIS PIN.

I'm really happy with how they turned out!