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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Better Than Bringing Me Home Flowers

      What's better than bringing me home flowers?  
Bringing me home this: 

An old birdcage!  My sweet husband saw a yard sale on the side of the road today...and the guy was just giving everything away.  The birdcage even came with vintage bird poo and a little feathery bird inside. (Eat your heart out ladies.)  It will definitely need a good cleaning.  I think I'll remove the perches.  Haven't decided if I'm gonna paint it.  It just makes me smile that my husband knows me so well.  I do like it when he brings me home flowers...I'm not that weird...they just better be the kind I can plant in the ground.  (Hehe...no, really.  I'm serious.)    :)

Here are some ideas I'm getting from Pinterest: 

Vintage birdcages--and I LOVE the kitchen! 

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