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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My New Bread Hook

Isn't she beautiful!?  So bright and shiny and industrial looking.  I ordered it just the other week, and was sooo excited when my bread hook came in the mail.  It is replacing my white one, which was beginning to chip. (I can't have that, since we have a tiny bread baking cottage industry.) 
Here are two white loaves I made today.  They are for our church bake sale tomorrow.  I plan to make more bread this week for Thanksgiving and beyond.  I think I'll have warm bread or rolls for Thanksgiving Day.  I'll make extra for grilled cheese sandwiches while family is here.


Melinda Speece said...

My white one is chipped, too! I need the details! The shiny hook and the bread looks great!

Letha said...

Hey, Melinda! I called Kitchen Aid and they were great. I told them the model of my mixer, and they got me the right dough hook. This was much easier than trying to navigate the internet for me.

Nikki said...

I am so thankful you left a comment on my blog b/c it led me to take a look around your blog. We have a lot in common. I'm following now and will be back.

Letha said...

Thanks, Nikki! :)