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Saturday, February 28, 2015

VBS Tree House Mat...From Outrigger Island to Journey Off the Map

I wanted to put a mat in my Bible Study Tangled Branch Tree house.  I found a bamboo mat leftover from Outrigger Island VBS.  The blue color just looked too ocean-like when I put it up against the rest of my tree house decor.  I want to share with you a quick-fix to change your ocean mat into a tree house mat.

You can see the blue trim here in this picture.

I used a green burlap duck tape to trim the edges of the mat.  SO easy!


Here is my mat in my Tangled Branch Tree House Bible Study.  This was taken right before I led a conference on 1st/2nd grade Bible Study.  I'll have it set up a little differently when I teach VBS.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Morning with my 1st and 2nd Graders: Samson

I'm missing my Sunday School class this morning since I'm home with my son who has the flu.  So...I thought I'd share what we did last Sunday. 

After hearing the Bible Story of Samson, our class colored Samson and gave him long hair. 

One boy wanted it braided, so I helped him with that part.  (I love it when kids come up with ideas I never considered!  Such smart kiddos!)

I found the idea on Pinterest.

Friday, January 16, 2015

VBS Institute 2015: Journey off the Map!

   Last week I had an amazing time at VBSI--Vacation Bible School Institute.  Even though it was in the teens outside in the mountains of North Carolina--inside was full of bright ideas, lots of VBS geeks and an excitement to teach children about God's love this summer as we take a "Journey off the Map" and learn to walk God's way!  Below you'll find just a few of the scenes from around VBSI.  There was non-stop training and activity.  I wish I had had more time to go everywhere and see everything, but I think you'll be inspired:

Craft table.  I loved the idea of cutting the longer Journey Off the Map plastic tablecloths and putting them over an orange (or brown) plasic tablecloth.  Very colorful and welcoming for children!  I'll be teaching crafts this year for the State Team...so LOTS of craft pics to come!!
This is the back of the "shop" where you could purchase t-shirts and all kinds of VBS swag.  LOVED the idea of posters on pallets and the ferns placed around it are just perfect...and super easy!!
Shady Grove Crafts.  I'm thinking about making these flowers.  Couldn't be easier.  Pool noodles on a plunger with snack trays!
Decorating Made Easy with Mr. MarkGo Mr. Mark's Classroom for full instructions.

More from Mr. Mark!
I think this is my all time favorite!  Tree houses made from upside down card tables and the bridge from empty fabric bolts!  Mr. Mark is awesome!

     I enjoyed my weekend so very much.  I learned a lot about HOW to do VBS.  But the best part? Focusing lots of time on the WHY we do VBS.  So inspiring.  May we never, ever forget WHY we do VBS.   We do it to reach children and their families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That doesn't just happen.  We must be intentional.  Intentional about our outreach, follow-up and relationship building.  Will you help make a difference in the Kingdom through the wonderful gift of VBS this summer? 

Sunday, January 4, 2015