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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Upside of Moving (10 to be exact)

     We all are pretty familiar with the downsides of moving: leaving wonderful friends, having to find a new doctor and hairdresser, having to put everything you own into a truck....BUT today I want to focus on the positives of moving because my family is in the midst of it.  Tomorrow is going to be a tough day...our last with our current church family.  (My purse is already stocked with extra tissues!)  My preacher husband (and the rest of us!) have been called to serve a few hours north of here in a wonderful church--one that we feel certain God has called us to.  (We are super excited and expectant of what God has in store!)  So...if your family is in the midst of moving, I hope this gives you some encouragement!

Moving has an upside?  Yep...here are my top 10!

1. Mandated purging.  Because you don't want to take it all with you!

2. Forced organization.  (You are already on step one...putting like things together in a box and labeling them.)  I plan to unpack slowly and put everything away in its proper home.  I guess you could just dump everything in some boxes, but I wouldn't want to face that nightmare!

3. Mandatory prioritizing.  (What to keep?  What really matters? Do I really need _____?)

4. A new home to try out all your Pinterest ideas on! (Like the new gray paint colors!)

5. When else are you going to clean behind the fridge? 

6. As you pack away your kids' things you realize how quickly they are growing up...and commit to enjoying them even more.

7. House shopping!    (I know some people hate it...but I love it.)

8. Your kids (and you!) will be stretched...and that's how we grow!

9. Two words: bubble wrap. 

10.  Adventure!  Moving is a great time for a family to bond together...to see what great things lie ahead...what God has in store.  New friends...new places of service...new places to visit. (And from my eldest son...new birds!)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Preschool Sunday School~~Genesis 1

Who made the World?

God made the world and everything in it.

Art Center: Making an Earth Picture.  First, we colored a coffee filter with blue, green and brown washable markers.

Now the fun part...spraying the filter and watching the colors run!

We glued on the Earth and added stars.  God made it all!

Puzzle Center: Spelling creation words

Waiting for parents to arrive. Coloring our creation pictures and doing our take home pages.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Backyard Bird Count is Today!

 The Great Backyard Bird Count Begins Today!  It will go from Feb.14-17.
It's a great day to get outside and help count the birds for science (and fun!)  My crew even got a "lifer" today!  Check out the link above to find out how you can participate...there's even a photo contest.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Special: Family Time Fitness Platinum plus a bonus!!

Family Time Fitness - Fitness 4 Homeschool
Platinum Package: Fitness 4 Homeschool

The crazy low price is $57 ($70 off normal price!!)...plus you receive a FREE Running Module (Normally $19!).  This will only last until Friday night at midnight, or until the first 300 are sold!   (For ages 5-13)

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Preschool Sunday School~~Jeremiah 36

This past Sunday our lesson was from Jeremiah 36.  We learned how God gave Jeremiah the words he wanted him to write in the Bible.  Jeremiah spoke the words and his helper, Baruch wrote them down.  We learned how that when the king heard God's Word he cut it up and threw it into the fire.  God gave the words to Jeremiah again and Baruch wrote them down.  God's Word is forever!

Matching game...reading Bibles

Puzzle Center

This was the most popular center of the day!  The kids played it over and over!  We hunted for letters in the shredded paper and then fit them in the puzzle. 

Remember in our Bible Story how the king cut God's Word and threw it into the fire?

Can you find the letter "N"?

Writing Center: We wrote with colored pencils, crayons and colored pencils.  Baruch, Jeremiah's helper wrote down everything exactly as God spoke it to Jeremiah.

We practiced writing lots of different words!

On their own: The boys enjoyed building a church in the block center

Who gave us the Bible?  GOD!

Life Verse: "There is no other God."  Isaiah 45:22