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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Preschool Sunday School~~Jeremiah 36

This past Sunday our lesson was from Jeremiah 36.  We learned how God gave Jeremiah the words he wanted him to write in the Bible.  Jeremiah spoke the words and his helper, Baruch wrote them down.  We learned how that when the king heard God's Word he cut it up and threw it into the fire.  God gave the words to Jeremiah again and Baruch wrote them down.  God's Word is forever!

Matching game...reading Bibles

Puzzle Center

This was the most popular center of the day!  The kids played it over and over!  We hunted for letters in the shredded paper and then fit them in the puzzle. 

Remember in our Bible Story how the king cut God's Word and threw it into the fire?

Can you find the letter "N"?

Writing Center: We wrote with colored pencils, crayons and colored pencils.  Baruch, Jeremiah's helper wrote down everything exactly as God spoke it to Jeremiah.

We practiced writing lots of different words!

On their own: The boys enjoyed building a church in the block center

Who gave us the Bible?  GOD!

Life Verse: "There is no other God."  Isaiah 45:22

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