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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trunk-A-Treat: You'll have to Use Your Imagination

     I think I was a little too sleepy this morning...I accidentally deleted about 1,000 photos on my sd card.  SOOOOOOOO.....all those cute pictures I took of my trunk last night at our church's Trunk-A-Treat are GONE.  :(   Here's what's left as of this morning in the back of my trunk....I hope you can still get some ideas from it.  
These were the candy packs I made for my trick-or-treaters. 
Candy is SO expensive...so instead I purchase 100 mini bags ($2 w/coupon) filled with candy,
then stapled a folded-over label.  My kids had a fun time folding them all for me.
I created these using Word and clipart.
This is sort of what my trunk looked like last night....we added lots of branches we cut around our yard/road.
I used burlap to cover the back seat.  The owls were lit from the inside and hanging up.  (I had 2 large, 2 small)

I made the owl from a paper bag and scrap paper.


I wore the apron...made a quick owl costume (on sale: $2.50!)

This is still intact from yesterday's fun memories.  I had such a good time collecting fall
branches with my boys...and my youngest one collected these leaves for me and put them in
a vase for me.  (The "vase" is actually a maple syrup jar from Cracker Barrell. Perfect for all
those little flowers he has picked for me.  I've had it for years!)


Melinda Speece said...

Well, I can testify that it looked great!! The owl lanterns were my favorite part! Sorry about the pictures—serious bummer (as we might have said in the 80s). We had a great time last night!

Letha said...

Yeah, total bummer! I'm disappointed that our picture got deleted in with the whole bunch...it was good.

Thanks for the comment. :) So glad you all had a good time!