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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday School with my 4's and 5's~~~Jesus and Bartimaeus

We had a wonderful morning...me and 6 sweet preschoolers.

We started a new unit today entitled: Real Life Questions.  The question for today was: "Does God Love People?"  (Yes!)  Jesus showed love to Bartimaeus by healing his blindness.

There is no other God.  Isaiah 45:22

Boys and girls had a fun time dipping chalk in water and drawing self-portraits.

We looked at our faces in the mirror before drawing.  We looked especially at our eyes to see what color they are.  We learned that Bartimaeus was blind and could not see.

One little girl said as she worked, "I've never done this before!"  (I love it when I get to be with preschoolers when they try something new!!)

Clean-up time! 

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