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Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Breaking away" in Soccer and in Life

I have missed writing to my blog peeps!  I was on a non-voluntary computer fast.   We officially have our computer back today, but the guy at Best Buy said it could go "blue screen" at anytime.  I pray that doesn't happen! 

OK, now for my actual blog post...

On our 50 minute drive to soccer this morning I was thinking about my oldest son's  soccer game last week.  He has been playing "stopper" pretty much all year.  (That is the position just in front of the goalie...the last line of defense.)   He has been hoping to play "forward" all year.  (Offense...the one who hopefully scores the goals.)  My son has worked hard all year with his goal kicks, and wanted to get a chance to make a score.   The coach just never saw fit to put him on forward.  Of course, my husband and I told BTP he had to respect his coach's wishes and play his best.  Last week, before the game, BTP told me his plan.  If he saw an opportunity, he was going to "break away" from stopper and drive the ball up the field, and either pass it to another person on offense, or try to score.  (A little background: their team has struggled all year, with 0 wins.  My son wanted to do something about this.)  Well, in the 4th quarter he found his opportunity.  I was so proud of him for being courageous enough to step out of his position and drive the ball up the field....3/4 of the way before it was taken from him.  He didn't score, but the coach immediately put him on forward, and he started as forward in today's game!   As he was driving up the field Darrell and I were yelling like crazy people, "Go for it, BTP!  Go! Go!"  He was so pumped.  In contrast, some of his teammates were yelling, "Get back in your position!", but his assistant coach yelled for him to go for it.  There was no score, but that sure was a thrill! 

It got me to thinking about how that relates to our lives spiritually.  There are times, many times I think, when God wants you and me to "break away" and just go for it.  I'm not talking about going for the big promotion or getting a new haircut (although those things are well and good)--I'm thinking about what God wants to see us do that we may be too timid to do, or maybe have never even considered doing.

I have my "positions" in life that I know God has called me to: home educator,  pastor's wife, Bible Drill leader, SS teacher, etc.  I don't see many of those changing for a while.  But, I think God calls me to "break away" and "go for it" in a spiritual sense every once in a while.  (Like not sticking strictly to our "school" schedule and having a spiritual conversation with my kids; asking God to give me an opportunity to witness to someone, and then taking the opportunity without second-guessing; going on our mission trip the end of this month or making a new friend on the soccer field.)   It feels a little uncomfortable to be "stretched" in these ways, but oh, the reward is sweet!    I want to be like my oldest son, ready and willing to "break free" and "go all out" for the Lord.  Even though my peers may be yelling for me to "get back"  I want to instead hear only the words of my Lord and keep going wherever he may lead.  It makes me think of the men (Peter, Andrew, James and John) who "At once left their nets and followed him." (Matt. 4:20) or the woman in Matt. 26 who poured the perfume on Jesus' head.  These did not stop to think too much about "if they really should" or "what would others think".   They just broke free, abandoning all else in love and obedience to Christ. 

After half-time, BTP was back playing stopper.  The team was scoring too many points and the coach needed him back at his original position.  Much of the time, after breaking free and doing something "crazy" for the Lord, we return back to our normal posistions (mom, SS teacher, wife)---  always, without a doubt, better for it.


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