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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bon Secour Mission Trip

     Last night we returned from our mission trip to  Bon Secour, AL.  It was GREAT!  11 (5 adults, 7 children) of us from Hayneville Baptist Church helped Friendship Baptist Church by doing some painting in the children's rooms and visiting key neighborhoods.  I knew God would do wonderful things on this mission trip-- He always does.  And it's never what we expect.  On our drive home, it seemed clear to me our main mission: to "stir up" the church we visited, and to allow God to "stir" us up in the process. 
    I know God has kindled my spirit.  It didn't seem to me like great timing to have a mission trip right before kid's camp and VBS.  I have so much to get done.  But---God was working it all out.  He has set a fire in my heart for the mission field here at home.  I have a renewed sense of "oughtness" and passion for the work to be done!
     I want to share my most favorite part of the trip.  On Saturday morning, Stephen (our student minister) and Darrell were painting.  So, all the mamas and children set out with the Friendship Baptist pastor to visit neighborhoods.  We all piled in the van (which the air conditioner promptly went out in!) and headed to a neighborhood very close to the church.  Each of us moms took as street.  B&B and I took the first street.  We stopped at the end of each driveway, prayed for the family living inside the house, then hung the bag on the doorknob.  My heart was bursting with joy whole time---not much else I'd rather do with my children.   We all took turns praying for the families, their salvation and if there were any children living there that they would come to VBS.  It thrilled my soul to no end to hear my boys praying for those families---then letting them hang the bag on the door.  (See the picure of all of us with our yellow bags.)  We all went out later that night---5 teams this time.  We were able to contact 100 families in about an hour 1/2. 
     I'm ready to go again!!  Summer is a great time to get involved with missions.  I encourage you to invest the time and energy, you will never be disappointed! 


 Just had to post this picture! (We still got to have fun at the beach and outlets!)

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Oooops! Make that 6 children---This homeschool mama can count, I promise!! (hehe!) :)