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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Should We See This Movie?

     Several years back when my husband was a youth minister, he discovered a great resource:
www.pluggedin.com .  This is a website by Focus on the Family (Who I trust implicitly, and who taught my parents how to raise me! hehe!)  This website is "Shining a Light on the World of Popular Entertainmnet".  It reviews music, movies, video games, etc.  It does a great job of not holding back on everything you would want to know, (i.e. types of cuss words, scantily dressed women, spiritual elements, etc.) but at the same time gives the positive elements. 
     Our family usually only goes to the movies twice a year or so, but when we want to see a movie we might have a doubt about, we check this website first.  It is just so crazy expensive to go to the movies, and not really much worth watching to be honest.  I also really prefer my own couch and blanket to those movie theater seats and sticky floors. 
     We always take our boys to the big event (for us) movies, like "Narnia".  (We are counting down until "The Hobbit" is released.)  If any movie is based on a book, they must read the book first.  That makes going to the movies even more special.  We always have interesting  conversations with our sons after the movie about the differences between the two.  I think that's where information that you find @ pluggedin comes in handy.  It gives you good fodder to talk with your child before or after the movie.  It can lead to great spiritual conversations.  (Like, for example the Eastern Mysticism you will see in Kung Fu Panda 2.  Po in the end spins into a Yin/Yang symbol.  You could talk to your kids about the meaning of this oh-so-popular symbol, and how is is false and contradicts the Word of God.)
     Enjoy your summer!  And if you have the chance to see a movie this year, you might want to check out pluggedin. 


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