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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Teen Creed

 My oldest son turned 13 recently.  He received a birthday card from my parents.  Inside of it they placed a small card with a picture of Jesus.  On the other side was a poem entitled, "TEEN CREED".  My mom had kept it all these years since I was a "teenager".  I couldn't believe it...and was so touched that she has passed it on to my oldest son. 

Don't let your parents down,
They brought you up.

Be humble enough to obey,
You may give orders someday.

Choose companions with care,
You become what they are.

Guard your thoughts,
What you think, you are.

Choose only a date
Who would make a good mate.

Be master of your habits,
or they will master you.

Don't be a show off when you drive,
Drive with safety and arrive.

Don't let the crowd pressure you,
Stand for something or you'll
fall for anything.

Happy Birthday, Brayden!! 

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