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Saturday, September 14, 2013

TOS Review: PeopleKeys (The Perceptual Learning Style Notebook)

      The concept of "learning styles" is very familiar to me.  I've heard about the importance of teaching to each child's learning style at every Sunday School Conference I have attended, and I've mentioned them in every children's conference I've ever taught.   Why, then, as a homeschooling mom of 7 years have I never tried to figure out my own children's learning styles?   I don't think I've heard "learning styles" and "homeschooling" in the same sentence very often, if ever.  Maybe I haven't been paying attention,  but now I am, thanks to PeopleKeys!

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     Our family received  The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook .  This short (19 pages total) and easy-to-use resource helped us to discover how we prefer to receive (or perceive...thus the term "perceptual") our information as learners. The learning styles covered in this workbook are the three main ones: auditory, visual and kinesthetic.
     The first step was to take the 20 question profile (quiz).  It was easy to tally the results.  My 15-year-old took the quiz in just a few minutes and discovered his learning style was "auditory."  This got me curious as to what my 12-year-old was, so I gave him the quiz orally.  We discovered that he is a visual learner.  Well, it got me curious, so I took the quiz too!  I found our that I am a kinesthetic learner. Wow.  All of us have a different learning style!  This was pretty enlightening to discover.  I know from experience we tend to teach to what our learning style is, so I'm going to be more cognizant of this fact moving forward.  I want to make sure my sons are getting lots of opportunities to learn in the way that best suits them, not just the way I prefer to teach. 

     After we all took our "learning style profile" I read short articles included in the workbook on each of our learning styles.  For example, to my 15-year-old I read the pages about what an auditory learner is and tips for studying, etc. for an auditory learner.  
     As I read through the descriptions for each learning style, we all said, "Yes, That's me!" and "Yes,  That's you!"  I definitely believe the "quiz" was very accurate...even at only 20 questions. 
     Next, there was a page called "Learner's Toolbox."  I spent quite a bit of time reading this one page.  Under each learning style it gave a list of "tools" to help make the most of your learning style.  I liked how simply it was laid out and how practical it was.  For example, I found out my auditory learner could benefit from using verbal instruction, public speaking and ear phones.  (This tells me that I need to do more verbal instruction, that it's a good thing we signed him up for Speech and Debate this year, and that it's okay when he wants to listen to classical music on his earphones while studying!)
     At the end of the workbook, there were a few written exercises/worksheets to be filled out.  I let my 15-year-old do this part.  This activity helped to solidify the process and what he has learned about his learning style, as well as learning styles in general.  
     We found this whole process to be very helpful.  It will help us now as we homeschool.  I believe that putting this knowledge into practice now will follow my son(s) as they enter college.  They will have a better understanding of themselves, will know the best methods by which to study, the best study environment for themselves and they'll hopefully be able to recognize and adapt to different teaching styles.
     Just two days after completing this workbook, I found it very interesting that my auditory learner spent the afternoon at Speech and Debate Club, while my visual learner chose to spend his afternoon at the art museum.  Both were doing exactly what they enjoyed!  (And mama was pleased that they were learning the way they learn best!)

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