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Friday, June 6, 2014

Agency D3: My classroom and 3 VBS Pinterest Boards

     I've been directing VBS for the past 4 years, so this is my first time to teach VBS since Boomerang Express.  I had a lot of fun getting my room ready for my 1st and 2nd grade boys.  (I think boys will especially like this fun spy theme!) Can't wait to get the week started as we examine all the evidence and learn the truth about Jesus!!

I used silver wrapping paper for the door.

Thankful that my sons went through a "spy" phase...and that they saved all the gadgets!
An old laptop...the "screen" is printable from the director's cdrom.  I plan to change the screen each day.

An old "briefcase" I found.  I just added the D3 emblem.  Probably my favorite prop.

So awesome that I already had these "evidence" boxes leftover from our move!
Had to add some mustaches around...I could have gone crazy with those! 

My "I heart VBS" from the Big Apple Adventure VBS.  It's a keeper! 

 For those of you who are currently working on Agency D3, another VBS theme or preparing for next year's VBS...here are 3 of my VBS Pinterest Boards: 


Melinda Speece said...

Looks great Letha!! I know you are going to have a good week! (Miss you!!)

Letha P said...

Thanks, Melinda! We miss y'all too! Come see us sometime!