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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Preschool Sunday School~~~A Church Helped

This past Sunday we learned about how the church in Antioch helped the church in Jerusalem when there was a famine.  They showed love by sending money and food. 
Dramatic Play Center: Grocery Store

We pretended to purchase food for hungry/needy people.  The boys and girls had fun delivering their packages. 

Tracing the Bible Verse.  I used a highlighter and the boys and girls used washable markers to trace.  They seemed to really enjoy this activity...I think because for most of them school was starting the next day.

Puzzle Center.  Matching game:  "Showing Love"
 Making a snack.  We did this as an all-together activity as part of group time.  As you can imagine, the boys and girls loved it! Each child got a bag to eat and a bag to share.
"Give to others."   Nehemiah 8:10

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