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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Home Renovation: Painting the Built-in and an Easter-themed Bookshelf

     I promised that I'd be sharing our home renovations...so here's the first one!  I needed to unpack lots of books, so one of the first projects I tackled was one of the built-ins.  It was a very dark burnt orange color.  I wanted it white. 

It took 2 coats of Kilz and 2 coats of white to cover it up. 

Feels better already.

So much better that this!  But...I still have this side to tackle!

Feel the difference?
Ahhh...white and bright!  I still have to paint the cabinets and trim, but at least I was able to unload some book boxes and have at least a corner of our house that felt like "me." 

I had fun decorating the shelf for Easter.

An old crate I found in the barn at my Mom's and Dad's last fall. It's all cleaned up and is perfect for holding DVDs.

So excited to find a home for my "Little White Church!"  This built- in comes with electricity...perfect to plug in the lights for my church.  (Oh, and the big pine cone is compliments of my oldest son.  Lots of pine cones where we live!)


Melinda Speece said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see more!

Melinda Speece said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see more!