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Friday, August 15, 2014

Free Stuff We did this Summer

     As I look back on all the things my family and I did this summer, I came to realize most of what we did was free.  (Okay, maybe not the gas to get there!)  We enjoy looking for deals while traveling or on vacation.  And for us, free is the way to go!  Below you'll find a generous sampling of the freebies we enjoyed over the past several months!  Maybe you'll get some ideas for you and your family...

A rainy walk down the French Quarter in New Orleans.  We were taking a break before my husband's doctoral class one morning.  Cost: FREE.  (World famous beignets and cafe au laits were not free, but I still think they are a deal!)
My new favorite place in New Orleans: City Park 

Bird watching in City Park

Did I mention this is free?

Love the "not-so-baby" ducks getting ahead of their Mama!

Beautiful sights at City Park!

Free Admission: Roan Mountain State Park, TN.  What a deal!  Gorgeous wildflowers and fun hiking!  We packed a picnic to save even more $$$.

Great view of the Rhododendron.
Free Admission: Asheville Botanical Gardens, NC.  This was a "date" for just my hubby and I.  I honestly thought it wouldn't be that great because it was "free."  Boy, was I wrong!  It's just my kind of botanical garden.  Very natural.  More like a hike than a formal presentation. 

We took lots of pictures under the bridge.
Our last trip of the summer was to the beach.  On the last day, I asked my son what his favorite part was from the week.  His answer?  A walk on the beach collecting shells and looking at crabs.  (Cost? FREE!)

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