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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wizzy Gizzmo Fast Track Bible Pack: A TOS Review

Wizzy Gizmo Review
Wizzy Gizmo Review
   I believe the most important book in the world to teach our kids is the Bible.  My husband and I try to make sure our sons have all the resources they need to help them learn and understand God's Word.  The Fast Track Bible Pack from Wizzy Gizmo is just one more great tool.  The Fast Track Bible Pack is a 27 card set that has a card representing each book of the New Testament.  What you find on each card is similar to what you might find on the front page of each book in a Study Bible. 

    Do you remember the wildlife collector cards that were so popular in the 80's?  I loved those!  I enjoyed reading them and organizing them.  Of course I could have read all that information about those animals in an encyclopedia or a science book, but it was so much more interesting to read and look at the cards.  That's why I think kids will like these Bible cards.  Sure, they could look up all the information contained in the cards in a book--but I think they'll be more likely to spend more time with the cards.

Age Range: 
 These Bible cards are for All ages
(I think it is perfect for older elementary-teens.)

Price: $14.99

What's on the Cards: 

On the Front: 
  • Card number
  • Name of Book of the Bible
  • Number of chapters
  • Author
  • Date of writing
  • Overview (a few paragraphs)
  • Theme

On the Back:
  • Across the top: Name of book, theme and brief synopsis
  • Outline (2 options are usually given.)
  • Key Chapters
  • Key Passages
  • Key Doctrines
  • Key People

How we are using the Fast Track Bible Pack in our Home:

How my 16-year-old son is using it: 
      He is currently reading through a day-by-day devotional guide he received for Christmas.  Whenever his reading is found in the New Testament, he reads the entire card that covers that particular book of the Bible.  (For example, if his reading for the day is found in Mark, he reads the Mark card.)  My oldest is really enjoying these cards and is the primary user.  He really likes all the facts given on the card.  He shared with me that the information on the card really helped him to understand the purpose of the particular book of the Bible he was reading.

How my 13-year-old is using it:
      My youngest son mentioned about a week ago how he wanted to read all the parables in the Bible.  I said, "Let's take a look through the Fast Track Bible Pack and see what we can find to help us out."  The very first card we came to (Matthew) had just what we were looking for!  We took a quick look down through the "Key Passages" on the back of the card and easily discovered that parables are found in chapter 13.  All the parables were listed, so my son has read one each day. After he had read the parables, we talked about how each one tied in with the theme of the book, "Jesus is King."

Some other ideas you might like for using the Fast Track Bible Pack:
  1. Use them to read through the New Testament.  As you read, follow along with the card and learn as you go.
  2. Read one per night at the dinner table.
  3. Let your children study one per day.  When they have read them all,  play a quiz game with the cards. 
  4. Punch a hole in each corner and put a ring through it.  This can be hung on a hook nearby your "Bible Reading Place."
  5. Store them in a basket in the schoolroom and use as needed for a reference.

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