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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Learning through the Book of Exodus with my 1st and 2nd Graders

 As of 3 weeks ago, I began teaching 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School.  I love it! 

     We have been studying through the Book of Exodus using the Kids Bible Studies for Life curriculum from Lifeway.  For 6 weeks, there is a focused study on the book of Exodus and the life of Moses. (We just finished week 3 today.)  I really love this in-depth study.  I think it helps boys and girls really learn the Bible.

Each Sunday, as children arrive, we practice our Bible Skills.
We looked through the table of contents and found all the books of the Bible that began with the letter "E."  We then found them and marked them in our Bibles.  We used a red marker for Exodus to help us find it quicker.
After hearing the Bible Story of Baby Moses and Miriam, the boys and girls painted over a white piece of paper to reveal a secret message I had written with a white crayon.
It said, "_______ matters to God!"  (With their name in the blank spot.)
We all matter to God...just like Baby Moses mattered to God.  God watched over him and kept him safe.  God had a special plan for Moses.  He has a special plan for you, too!

Today for our Bible Skills time, we looked up different references in the book of Exodus.

The boys and girls are really learning how to look up chapter and verse!

If the verse had the name "Moses" in it, we put it in the "Yes" pile.  If it did not contain the name "Moses" we put it in the "No" pile. 
After hearing the story of the parting of the Red Sea, we make a craft to help us remember.

Cutting halfway up.

Curling up the edges.

Added a verse from Exodus.  Ta-Da! The parting of the Red Sea!  (I got the idea from Pinterest.)

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