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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Summer Vacation--Part 1 (errr...I mean Our Field Trip to Passages!)

Our first stop was to the Passages Bible Exhibit in Atlanta, GA.  My preacher husband and I had received free tickets at a pastor's conference we attended.  We were so glad to find out about such a wonderful traveling exhibit, and didn't want to miss out on such a great opportunity for us and our children.  (And yes, I did count it as a school day!) 

The kids were so excited to have their very own headset and ipod.  We all loved the ipods; you could simply type in the # of a specific exhibit, and you would hear commentary about it.   They also had "scavenger hunt" type questions to find/figure out along the way. 


At the entrance, learning how to use the ipods. 

Checking our answers.  The boys both received prizes.  :)

We had a great time...spent about 3-4 hours here...still not enough time to see it all.  One of my most important parts was the Gutenburg Gress exhibit.  We all got a copy of scripture from the press.  What fun to see the press at work!  A quote that moved me (especially after experiencing the prior exhibits where men copied the Bible by hand):

"It's only a press, but a press from which will flow a constant stream.  Through it, God will spread His Word.  A spring of truth will flow from it.  Like a new star it will scatter the darkness of ignorance and cause an unknown light to shine for all.
---Johannes Gutenburg

We were not allowed to take pictures inside, so here is a link to their website.  If this traveling exhibit comes to a city near you, I hope you and your family will go.  It is more than just a museum...it will move you--to think about all that had to happen to bring us God's Word as we have it today.  Very humbling.

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