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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday Morning with my 4's and 5's

Our lesson yesterday was on the Special Supper Jesus had with his disciples.  (In adult terms: The Last Supper)

One of our centers was to trace the Bible Verse and glue it on a plate.  Preschoolers could decorate the plate if they liked.  Children also worked puzzles depicting scenes from Jesus' ministry.  They prepared a table with a meal in the Homeliving Center. 

We enjoyed group time by looking at the previous 3 Bible story pictures from earlier in the month/unit.  Boys and girls did a great job remembering all the stories.  I told the story from the Bible about the Special Supper Jesus had with his disciples.

I think the highlight of the morning was snack time.  We served pita bread (much like the bread Jesus would have eaten.) with butter and water.  I think everyone had 2-3 servings.  (More than I usually allow...but it was part of the lesson...so, hey!)

 They really enjoyed spreading the butter themselves!
We prayed: "Dear God, help us to remember all the things Jesus taught and did. AMEN."

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