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Monday, August 20, 2012

Science Lab: Capillary Pathways


This is the book we have been using for our science labs/experiments.  We are now on lesson 12.  There are 24 in all, so that means we are halfway there!  My boys always love science experiment time.  Mom does, too---after I finish getting together all we need.  ;)


We have done many experiments on cohesion and/or adhesion.  This is our 4th experiment involving capillary action.  (Capillary action is driven by cohesion and adhesion.)
My boys took turns testing 3 different "pathways".  A glass dropper, a paper towel and paper.  The glass dropper shows capillary action.   Do you see the water inside the tube?

Testing the capillary pathway of a paper towel.

And the paper...

Here's my youngest using my hand lens (from my college Botany class!).  He is trying to discover why a paper towel has more capillary action.  (It has more open space for the water to travel to.)
Here's a closer look at the paper towel/paper before they were dipped into the drop of water.
And a closer look at my old hand lens.  It even still has the braided "bracelet" I made from college days on it.
How very granola of me (hehe!). 

Recording answers and observations in the Science Notebook.
(Along with an additional, "extra" experiment involving a paper towel and blue food coloring.)

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