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Friday, August 24, 2012

Laundry Room/Mudroom Quick-fix

There was a spot in my laundry room/mudroom that has been bugging me.  We have this great bench for hiding diry shoes, etc. and hanging up jackets---but it was just lacking something.  The big open area at the top (and the peeling paint/nail holes) were just begging for SOMETHING. 

Blah, right?
I had a shelf up in the attic my dad had made.  It was in my son's room at one time, but no longer worked.  I thought I'd paint it--but once I held it up to the wall to see how it looked I decided to leave it the color it was.  (My momma has always told me you need a spot of red in your home.)

My great husband hung it securely for me.  I decided to take the sports trophies from an overcrowded shelf in the hallway and add them here.  I added some crates for gloves, hats, etc.  (One for each boy.)  I put the soccer ball in the center.  It is both decorative and practical, since they use it often.
I think my boys really like it.  I know I do--and that empty spot no longer cries out to me everytime I do laundry.  (And I just LOVE when I re-decorate for free!!)

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