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Friday, December 28, 2012

Something to Pack in Your Box of Christmas Decorations

     Want to be ready for Advent next year?  THRIVING FAMILY has available on their website a free downloadable version of their 2012 Advent Activity Calendar.  This is not really "dated" material, as it can be used any year.  I have a hard copy of the activity book---it is great!!  We would have used it ourselves, but were already reading Bartholomew's Passage.  The 2012 Thriving Family Advent Activity Calendar is: Knowing Him by Name.  Each day, you focus on a different name for Jesus.  Lots of great activities.  (Simple ones.)  I highly recommend it!  Here's an idea: print it out now, and stick it in a box as you pack away your Christmas decorations.  That way, you'll be ready for next Christmas and Advent!  It's FREE!!

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