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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pinned it/Did it! (Felt Monogrammed Pillow)

This was the picture I pinned from Pinterest.  It is from the blog, The Sweet Survival. I just loved the simplicity of it...and it even had my initial!
I found the letter "P" I liked from THIS WEBSITE.  I had to enlarge it.  I used very sharp, small scissors to cut it out.  The original "pin" said to sew the letter on by machine after gluing it with felt/fabric glue.  I didn't have any glue and I was afraid my machine sewing would not turn out great, so I opted to sew it by hand.  (Plus I was reading one of my Beverly Lewis Amish books, and was feeling in the mood for doing things the old-fahioned way!)  I was happy with how the hand-sewing turned out.
I was making the pillow for this wingback I had recovered.  I first made the pillow with just a white front and the green fabric on the back.  I didn't like it, so I ripped out the seams and added a ruffle to match the fabric on the back (and my curtains, etc. in the living room).  Much better.  I had not made a ruffle in ages, so this was a bit of trial and error. 

I made this monogrammed pillow for about a $1!  The original pinner said she made hers for $18, which beat the Etsy price of $79.  The only thing I had to purchase was the felt. WoooHooo!


Marie @ Substance of Living said...


Hi! A new fan visiting from Frugal Friday Linky Party.

Your pillow turned out beautiful! Monogramming makes the everyday extraordinary.

Thank you for sharing and I'm so happy that you were able to save so much money and you can proudly say that you made it.


Melinda Speece said...

I'm impressed!

Letha P said...

Marie and Melinda: Thanks! :)