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Monday, December 23, 2013

Baby Jesus Ornament


  Several years back I made ornaments like these with preschoolers while we were serving in Texas.  I have kept the pattern for years, because it was just so simple and easy for preschoolers to make.  I got the general idea from the Lifeway Preschool curriculum, but I think I made a few adjustments to make it even simpler.  Here's how to make the very simple Baby Jesus keepsake ornament:

Start with a circle cut out of cardstock.  I like red. I used a cup to get a good circle pattern. Add a Bible Verse.  I chose, "Jesus was born in Bethlehem."  Matthew 2:1   This would also be a good time to put the child's name and the date on the back!  Punch a hole in the top center.
Cut out patterns for Baby Jesus' body.  Circles and oblong shapes. Children glue the head to the body with a glue stick.

Cut raffia into 2-3 inch pieces.  Children uses liquid glue to place the "hay" for the manger on the circle.  Don't cover up the verse!

Cut select fabrics.  Use ones like above that look like Bible time cloth.  Wrap Baby Jesus in the swaddling clothes and secure with liquid glue.  Trim as needed. 

Draw "sleeping eyes" and a mouth for baby Jesus.  Add the twine or ribbon to hang.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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