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Thursday, January 24, 2013

4's and 5's Sunday School/Learning from the Bible

I'm a little behind on posting about my Sunday School kids.  This was from a week 1/2 ago.

In the Art Center:  We made verse magnets.  We teachers wrote the verse on a mailing label, the boys and girls stuck it to a sqare of cardstock, then decorated it. 

In the Puzzle Center...Shape puzzles for this week's verse and last week's verse for review...

And in the Nature Center....
We use our ears to hear the Bible....
And other sounds.
Inside these film canisters (ancient artifacts, I've had them forever!) are sand, rocks, rice, etc.  Children listened to the sounds then made a match of the two that sounded the same.  So fun!

We had a great time learning from the Bible today!!

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