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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Easy French Toast (with 3 Healthy Tips)

Hunting season is coming to a close, but I wanted to share one of the things my hunters like to eat after a chilly afternoon in a deer stand....Breakfast for dinner!  Lately breakfast for dinner has meant French Toast
I've looked at other recipes for French Toast, but there seemed to be so many ingredients.  I decided to just stick with the basics and keep it easy. I mix egg and milk with a fork.  I use about 3 eggs and a cup of milk. I never measure.  I just "eyeball" it---do it in the portion you prefer. I dip whole wheat bread (both sides) in the egg mixture, then place on a slightly oiled 350 degree griddle.
  Healthy tip #1: I've found my crew eats the whole wheat bread just as well as the white, and it keeps us all full and satisfied much longer. 

My "secret ingredient" is cinnamon.  I simply sprinkle it on one side of the bread.
  Healthy tip #2: Notice I didn't say "cinnamon sugar".  Cinnamon has its own sweetness.  Who needs sugar when you're gonna put syrup all over it? 
Healthy tip #3: We use 100% Pure Maple Syrup, so that we're not getting all that processed sugar/corn syurp.  (Plus it tastes better!)
Cover with a towel (not foil) so your warm French Toast doesn't get all soggy. (Plus it just looks better, and you save $ on foil.)  Serve with warm 100% Maple Syrup, sausage, orange juice and coffee.  You'll have a table full of happy hunters...even if they didn't come home with anything!  :)

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