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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kudos to Math Essentials!


     One of the first products I ever reviewed was Math Essentials.  We have been using their "No Nonsense Algebra" for several months.  The other day, my son was unable to watch the videos.  I sent an email to the company, letting them know the problem.  I quickly received several emails, asking me questions so they could pin-point the problem.  Nothing seemed to be working.  How surprised I was to receive a phone call from Richard Fisher himself!  (My son was so excited...saying, "That's my math teacher!  He's famous!")  He was so kind to check on us to see if the program was running smoothly.  It ended up the problem was something with my computer, and not Math Essential's program.

       I just had to share this GREAT customer service experience!!  I highly recommend this company...and not just for the excellent customer service--they have a wonderful product.  It is so easy to use, and one of the most inexpensive math programs I've seen.

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