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Sunday, October 20, 2013

God's World News (Top Story)~~~A TOS Review

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 I have always tried to include current events as part of our homeschool curriculum.  Tried is the operative word...as I have not always succeeded.  Our local paper just seemed to lack any real news stories, or didn't seem terribly relevant for my 12-year-old son.  How thrilled I was to start receiving God's World News! Finally, a way for my son to read the news in a way that would be of interest to him.  PLUS...since it is a Christian publication, I don't have to worry about the content.  (I first became familiar with God's World News years ago when I was a Christian school teacher.  I remember how much my students loved it then, and was so excited for my son to give it a try.) 
     Since my son is in the 7th grade, he is receiving a a copy each month of Top StoryTop Story is written for Middle School students. The first thing you notice about this magazine is the wide variety of articles.  There is something in there for everybody.  The topics range from health to government and science to biographies.  One day your child may read about gluten free foods and the next day he or she may read about robots or the protest in Washington D.C. over the intervention in Syria. 
     Top Story comes once a month (except December and May).  (And what kid doesn't love getting mail?)  There is so much packed into these 32 pages. I love the "Bible 2 Life" sections you will often find at the end of select articles.  For example, at the end of an article about gluten free food, it talked about how the Bible teaches we need to practice hospitality.  It went on to say that if you have someone visiting your home who is has a gluten allergy, you should be sensitive to their needs and provide food they can enjoy.  In most issues, you will find a biography on a historical character.  In the October issue, for example, there was a piece written on Hank Aaron.  In each issue there is a "feature article."  It typically takes up several pages.  And what would the news be without some cartoons?  "In Toon" features mostly political cartoons.  I really like that it explains what the cartoon means. (So helpful!)
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     It is easy to make Top Story part of your homeschool day.  There are quizzes in the back of most issues.  These are typically based on the main articles.  There is also a vocabulary activity.  Students find the blue words throughout the magazine and try to figure out what the word means from a list of 3 definitions.  The September issue comes with a map.  You keep this all year to use with each issue.  If there is an article that relates to a certain country or city, a section of the map will be in the corner of the article with coordinates to find it on the larger map.  It's really hard to think of a subject Top Story doesn't cover at some point in each issue!

How we used it:

     I make God's World News part of everyday assignments in our homeschool.  I usually assign 2-3 pages per day of reading.  I assign quizzes if there is one that relates to the article being read.  The vocabulary words I save until the entire magazine is read.  Maps are already a big part of our homeschool. So it's natural to find things on the map of where we are reading.  I never have to try to get my son to do these readings or assignments.  He truly enjoys reading the articles!  In fact, I think his big brother does too.  I found that he had taken younger brother's magazine to read for himself.  He read it cover-to-cover! 

More Features: 
As a subscriber to God's World News, you'll also have access to their website with lots of perks.  You'll find downloads of archived or current issues, answers to the quiz/vocabulary questions, extended news lessons, biographies and much more!!
You can also sign up for the parent email.

Cost of Product:
Home subscription (10 months)......$28

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*My husband and I really enjoy WORLD Magazine, also by God's World Publications.  In fact, my husband snatched the latest copy and took it to work! It's yet another great way to get the news with a Christian perspective.


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