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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Blessing from a "Stranger"

     The time is coming near when the boys and I will begin our next "core" of Sonlight Curriculum.  (World History, year 1)  I didn't have any luck finding this at a used book sale at the beginning of the school year.  I wasn't sure what we were going to do, besides order it new.  (New=$700)   I've never bought ALL my books new.  Although that money would be very well spent, it would still be a ltttle too much for our liking. 
     God has been showing me in last few years that many times I have to WAIT for his provision.  I cannot get in a hurry and try to meet the need completely on my own.  I had been asking God to please meet this need of ours.  He led me to post my need on our cover school's Yahoo site.  I had a great response, within a day I had two families willing to let me borrow (not sell!) their books.  I was amazed!   These people have no idea who I am.  What generosity! 
      Bright and early on Tuesday morning, I met a sweet lady in Prattville and she gave me 30 books to borrow.  It turns out (God's provision!) that I had a science program she needed.  We traded.  I love how God works! 
     On the drive home I had some time to think about what had just taken place.  I thought about how wonderfully God had taken care of us.  He just needed me to have a tiny bit of trust and faith to drive 45 minutues, meet a lady who I had never met, and exchange books.  (A little more faith and trust on the other lady's side of things...I only gave her about 5 books, a DVD and a science kit!) I actually thought, "Had I met an angel?"  Okay, probably not---but I did meet a fellow believer in Christ who was used by God to meet a need we had.  You know, she ended up not being a stranger after all!

Our Blessing of Books...BLP is already excited about Usborne's Book of World History

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