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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A "Hidden Message" in the Courageous Movie

(*minor "spoiler alert")

     Last Sunday my husband and about 13 others from our church went to see the "Courageous" movie.  Laughed. Cried.  Truly a great movie.  Every man should see this.  Every woman should see it so she can support/encourage the man or little men in her life.   We even made the 10:00 news talking about why we came to see the movie!  Pretty crazy!

     Something about the movie did not strike me until a day or so later.  There was a message in there that was subtle, but BIG. My favorite family was Havier's.  Sure, I loved them because they were the homeschooling family, but they were just so adorable.  And who can forget Havier's scene in the police car?  Throughout the movie, Havier struggled to keep a job or to have job security.   Their family was obviously struggling financially, eating beans and rice most meals and having only one vehicle.

     This is the "hidden message" I found:  Not once did Havier or his wife talk about her needing to get a job and quit homeschooling.  They prayed.  They ate beans and rice.  They asked God to provide.  Havier walked to work.  They pressed on.  They never questioned their calling. 

     A great message for homeschoolers or anyone.  What has God called you to do?  Don't give up and go back to your plan.  Stick with God's plan.  You may have to eat beans and rice for a while,  but you could end up a "rich man" like Havier.  (Gotta see the movie to get that one!)


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