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Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Pitching Our Tent" in Sunday School

     One of my joys in life is to teach preschoolers, especially about the Lord.  I currently teach 3 and 4 year olds at my church.  I just had to share our lesson today, since it was about King David and how he "pitched a tent"for the Ark of the Covenant. (not the part in the Bible for which my blog is named, but it works..!)  I had such a good morning with my boys and girls.

Reading the Bible and our "Thank You, God" Book in the tent

We found a picture of a church tent in our "Read to Me" Bible.  We took wooden blocks and fabric scraps to build church tents.  The 3's and 4's really enjoyed this.  I told the Bible Story as they built.

One of the children with his tent.  I love the ramp he made for the entrance.  He's placing the Ark of the Covenant inside.  (I did tell him that in the Bible they carried it on poles, but left out the part out about being struck dead if you touched it!...)

The children really loved the crowns they made.  They were so cute wearing them around the room as they played. 

     I hope to share more of our lessons with you.  That way, parents of these precious children can get a peek at what we do and see their kids in action.  I hope I can also inspire or encourage any other Sunday School teachers out there.  There are so MANY wonderful ways to teach kids the Bible, and in way that they can learn best.

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Darrell said...

You are such a good children's teacher!