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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Product Review: Giada De Laurentiis Ceramic Loaf Pan

Giada De Laurentiis™ for Target® Ceramic Loaf Pan - 9x5"
The Giada Ceramic Loaf Pan

A few weeks ago I asked my sweet husband to pick up for me a few bread loaf pans while he was "in the big city." (We live 40 minutes away, in a small town.)  I requested he purchase ceramic pans, just like the one I already owned.  The brand I was looking for was sold out, so we moved on to plan "B".  I asked him to go to Target -- I remembered them selling quality ceramic dishes, a brand name that started with a "G".  He found them!  Over the phone he said, "I really think you are going to like these.  They are even pretty."  He brought them home, and I am thrilled with them.  First, just the facts, ma'am:
Giada Ceramic Loaf pans are light-beige on the outside with a white interior.  They measure 9"x5".  Each pan weighs 3.0 pounds.  They are tarnish, rust, odor, heat, and warp resistant.  (An online Giada recipe even says it can be put in your freezer.) They are microwave safe.  The manufacturer recommends they be hand-washed only.  You can purchase this pan at Target's website for $16.99. (The picture above is a link.) The Giada loaf pan is also sold as a part of a 6 pc. ceramic bakeware set at Target for $49.99. (Again, see link.)

Letha says~~~

     I recommend these pans, especially if you bake often.  The bread I have baked has come out flawlessly. (I pre-butter, but not heavily.)  I love that they are ceramic so there is no chance of that "metal taste" you can get from a metal loaf pan.  Also, there is no need of worrying that the non-stick coating will peel off. 
    These pans take a little TLC.  They need to be hand-washed. (Oops!  I did not see that until after I had washed them in the dishwasher twice!...But they are fine.)  They can also be broken...an obvious observation, but one you might want to consider. 
     One of my favorite things about this loaf pan is it is so attractive. (It has a simple beauty to it. So, if you like bright colors or designs, you may want to keep looking.) I spend much time in the kitchen, and having pretty cookware makes it more enjoyable. I think the handles on the loaf pan "make" the design.  They are more than just nice to look at, though.  The curved handles make it very easy to remove this hot pan from the oven.  The only problem is I find myself not wanting to take out the baked bread from the pan because it just looks so good!  See what I mean:
     The price mentioned above ($16.99) is the online price.  We were able to purchase our pans in-store for $15.29 each. (This was a sale price.)  These are not inexpensive pans, but I've learned over the years that purchasing quality the first time saves money over the long haul. If, however, you are an every-once-in-a-blue-moon kind of baker, you might not want to fork over the money for a ceramic loaf pan. 
     This is a versatile loaf pan.  I look forward to making pumpkin bread in it for Thanksgiving.  It would also make a great gift for Christmas; just fill it with baking items and put it in a clear gift bag, just like you would a gift basket.  Whatever the occasion, this pan delivers both design and function.


Susan said...

What a beautiful loaf of bread in your new bread pan. :0)

Letha said...

Thanks, Susan! I love making bread!