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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some Not-So-Expected Strategies for Saving $$$

     This time of year (and in this economy!) we are all trying to be careful how we spend our money.  We'd all probably like a little extra cash as Christmas approaches***.  Below are listed some ways you can do this.  (I found the list in a Home Life magazine.)

7 Practical Strategies for Saving:

1. Hang out with frugal friends.   Do not try to keep up with the Joneses.  Instead, save with the Smiths.

2. Wash hands often.  Fewer germs means fewer trips to the doctor.  Cha-ching~!

3.  Turn off the tube.  TV ads make adults and children want new stuff. If you watch less, you'll probably want less.  Want to save even more?  Cancel cable.

4.  Never shop for clothes until you've done the laundry.

5.  Skip the drive-through.  Always have the ingredients for a few quick, easy, affordable meals in the pantry for those times you are pinched for time.  Spaghetti anyone?

6.  Love where you live.  Consider the hotel bill paid in full while you take advantage of local parks, museums, libraries and festivals.

7.  Do-it-yourself.  Think you don't have time?  It may be faster to do it yourself than to earn the money to pay someone else to wash the car, mow the lawn, clean the house, change the oil, and do your nails.  Pay yourself and put the money in savings. 

***A "just pitching our tent" reason to save $$$:  Remember, we shouldn't just save money so that we have more to spend.  One of the best motivations for saving money is so that you'll have more to give away. Help a needy family have Thanksgiving, give to missions, buy a stranger coffee, or however else God may lead you.   

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