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Saturday, December 17, 2011

4 Ways to Use Old Christmas Cards

I LOVE finding uses for old Christmas cards!
1)This is in my laundry room. The old chalkboard is always there, I just added greenery to the top. The cute little gingerbread-shaped people are cut out of old Christmas cards. I used my cookie cutters as templates. I simply punched a hole in the top and tied them on with some ribbon I already had. If you have kids, this would be a fun project for them...they would also look cute on a tree.
2) My kids used some old Christmas cards just the other day to cut-up (and they used one of my Christmas punches) to make new cards for their teachers at church. I gave them cardstock, construction paper and glitter glue. They had the BEST time.
3) I used Christmas nativity cards a few weeks in an activity with my preschoolers at church. We made a large "birth announcement" for Baby Jesus.
4) Nametags for gifts. Punches work great for this. You can also cut on the fold to have a nametag you can "open". (This was the reason my parents always saved our Christmas cards.)
Do you have any creative uses for old Christmas cards? I'd love for you to share! Leave a post/link below!


The Real Me! said...

Great ideas! You could also use them to make a chain for garland or a countdown to Christmas advent. Just write something fun inside each link or something.
Have a lovely day.

This is who we are said...

Hey! I have an idea that someone shared with me a long time ago and try to do it every year. I save the card, tear off the picture part and use it as a post card back to the person who sent it during the year as a reminder of celebrating "Christmas" all year AND encouraging them along the way. I have gotten some good responses. Depending on the amount we get, I send one to two a month all year.