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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To Bee or not to Bee?

     For the last two years, my children have participated in our cover school's spelling bee competition.  I have encouraged/required them to do this. Both times were really great experiences.  The best part was the comradship with other homeschool kids.
      I firmly believe most children need practice being up in front of an audience.  I always tell my boys there will be times in their life they will have to stand up in front of a group of people and speak.  It may be in their job, or just at a church business meeting.  To me, it is a life skill. 
      I have to admit---I love competion.  I grew up competing in 4-H most of my childhood.  So, when it comes to things like a spelling bee, I can get really excited.  Last year was a real nail-biter.  One of my sons was in a round where these 4 kids-- then 3-- then 2-- spelled for 45 minutes without anyone missing a word.  My son ended up being runner-up, but we loved it just the same.  What a thrill!  
     WELL---yesterday I asked my kids if they wanted to be in the spelling bee this year.  They didn't.  But, I figured that's okay.  They had the great experience for 2 years.  Instead, they want to put their time toward other interests.  I am both relieved and disappointed.  Getting ready for a spelling bee takes lots of practice, but, oh, how I enjoy the day of the "bee"!  

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