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Saturday, October 13, 2012

13 Ways to Pray for Your Church

     Our church is currently ending week 5 of "40 Days of Discernment".  These 40 days are a time of concentrated prayer for our church...as we seek God's will for what is next. 
     In one of the devotions for our 40 days was a list of ways to pray for our church.  I like it so much, and think it to be such a great guide, I just had to share.  I'm going to tear this page out of my devotional materials and keep it where I do my Bible study so that I can be reminded of how to pray for my church each day.

 Pray for.....
  1. Members that are sick
  2. The Pastor/staff
  3. For Revival and spiritual renewal
  4. For specific lost individuals
  5. For upcoming events
  6. For Sunday School leaders and teachers to be effective (and I would add: Wednesday night teachers, etc.)
  7. For growing disciples
  8. For our church to outreach to our community
  9. For the deacons and other church leadership
  10. For the sermon the pastor will deliver
  11. For special music that will touch people's hearts
  12. For the challenges various families face
  13. For stronger commitment to the Lord and His Church
     Wow...what would happen if all church members prayed for their church daily in this way???  
(in a world that's not my home)


Melinda Speece said...

#14 For the pastor's wife and kids!!! HA!

Letha said...

Yes!!! :)