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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Mornings with my 4's and 5's

Last Week....
We finished up our unit on the Bible.  Our Bible Story Last week was about Timothy.  He learned about the Bible from his mom and grandmother. 
I had pictures pre-cut for preschoolers to glue.  They found pictures that reminded them of family members.  "God's words in the Bible help us learn."

We are thankful for family members who tell us about Jesus!

What says "family" more than biscuits?  The boys and girls just LOVED taking biscuits out of the can and placing them on the cookie sheet.  They shouted with delight, "We've never done this before!"  (Oh, how I love preschoolers!)  They had fun buttering their biscuit, too.


We began our Unit, "I Can be Like Jesus".
Our Bible story was about how Jesus went to church with his family.

Today in the block center we built a church and a house.  The family walked to church. 
Our Bible Verse today: "Let us go to church"  Psalm 132:7.

Jesus went to church.  I can go to church, too.  I can be like Jesus!

A church...see the steeple?

We built with wooden blocks, too!  (Again, see the steeple?)

Puzzle Center

Love the multi-tasking captured here...holding a baby while doing a puzzle!  She'll make a great mommy.  :)

Craft Center: Marking a route on a map

We drew a church on the map, then the boys and girls used crayons to draw different routes to get to church. 
(How great it was to have all those maps leftover from our trip out West!  Thank you, Lord!)

Jesus walked to church, but most of us ride with our families in a car to church.

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