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Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumnal Nesting

I had a great time "nesting" for fall a few weeks ago.  Since then, I've done a bit of tweeking, and thought I'd share.  (I love fall decorating, since I can have it up for 2 months!) 
To keep costs low, I only make fall decorative purchases after the season is over.  (Which for some stores is now, or for sure right after Halloween.) 
This is my china cabinet after lots of time tweeking with levels, and borrowing things from other rooms, etc.
I'm excited to say that the "P" pumpkin and the garland were purchased last year for 90% off! 
I add fall berries every year to my chandelier.  The chandelier itself is a DIY project of mine.  I spray painted it white, added new shades and trim.  I even added a fabric "scrunchy" at the top.  (To do this I actually stood on the table and sewed it by hand.  That was pretty crazy, but I was determined--and it worked!)

I learned a great lesson from taking pictures of my decorating.  Pictures really help to show how you could do better.  After taking the picture at the top, I decided my smaller pumpkins needed more of a "lift".

Here's a peek.  Old books make the best "lifts", but I've also used a bowl and a mug.

Now that's better.

My Fall Mantle.  This lantern is such a multi-functional piece!
The verse is not really meant to go with the fall theme....it's one my son is working on for Bible Drill.

The homeschool half of our living room.  I'll put pilgrims in the place of the scarecrow in November.  The Candle has now been moved to my buffet and replaced with Viking ships.  (A recent project/post)

Again, books for lifts.  We LOVE old books...and have lots.

Harvest Blessings!


Lora @ my blessed life said...

Beautiful! Love the berries on your chandelier and I LOVE your china cabinet! :)

Missouri Mama said...

How lovely! I've often thought I should decorate a few of my horizontal surfaces to try and keep them from just becoming places to pile junk.