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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GratiTuesday: Perfect Timing

     Yesterday I was sceduled to go for my yearly check-up.  Everything was all set.  My husband was going to come home for lunch and work the rest of the day from home while the kids finished up their studies. 
     Change of plans.  My oldest starts complaining of sore eyes and some blurriness.  I'm a little concerned.   I call the nurse.  They are booked solid, but they could see us in the morning.  She told me not to worry unless he started to have a bad headache or nausea.  Fifteen minutes go by and my son is in severe pain and is very nauseous.  I cover all his windows with sheets to darken the room, but no real relief.  I call the nurse again.  She tells me it sounds like a migrane, that I should probably just go to a walk-in clinic so they can give him a shot.  I think my little "sigh" sounded pathetic.  She said, "Hold on just a minute.....Can you leave right now and be here at 1:15?"
     I told her, "Yes, thank you!".  My appointment was for 1:00 and in the same building!  What are the odds?  Definitely not in my favor.  BUT, we have a God who looks after and cares for us.   I am SO grateful for just one trip to the doctor (we live 45 minutes away!), and a successful one at that.

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