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Monday, February 6, 2012

Children's Sermon: "Who really obeyed?"

*NOTE:  For about the last 7 years, I have given a children's sermon almost every Sunday.  Most of the ideas I have are from another source, and I usually just "tweak" them to fit my context.  Every once-in-a-while God will just give it to me.  Other times (like for this children's sermon), my preacher husband and I will work on one together.  I plan to start a section on my blog (see "labels") just for Children's Sermons.  Feel free to use them or  share them with someone who leads this ministry in your church.*

Who Really Obeyed?
Matthew 21: 28-31a
      I told the boys and girls I felt confident they always obeyed their parents when it comes to room cleaning--but, for today, we were just going to pretend that some of them don't always obey.  ;)  I used 2 children from our group as an example. In a "pretend" situation, both children were asked by their mom to clean their room.  In our pretend story, the first child refused to clean the room, but then later changed their mind and cleaned their room.  The second child told their mom they would clean their room, but never actually did. 
     Which child actually obeyed?  "The first child!", the children exclaimed. 
     I went on to share with the children: "Obey all the way, right away, with the right heart attitude."  (These words of wisdom I learned before I became a mom aren't just for kids...it work for teenagers and adults as well.  ALL of us should have this attitude when it comes to obeying our Heavenly Father!)
     I read the first part of "The Parable of the Two Sons". (When it came to the part where Jesus asked, "Which of the two did what his father wanted?" a little girl shouted out, "The first one!"  I said, "Yes! and that's just what the people in the Bible story said, too!")  I shared with the children that Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees.  These people were a lot of "talk", but not a lot of doing when it came to obedience.  Jesus shared with Pharisees that the greatest of sinners who had turned from their sin would be entering the Kingdom of Heaven ahead of them!
   I led the children in prayer, thanking God that we can turn away from our sin,  follow Him and be forgiven. 

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