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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Introducing My First Guest Blogger: My Oldest Son

      My oldest son had a very interesting adventure last week.  I thought it was such a unique story, and must be written down.  Here is his story:

The Reversal of Fates and What Happened Thus

     The cross-hairs lined up with the buck's shoulder blade.  I slowly eased in on the trigger.  Blam!  The deer mule-kicked and ran into the woods.
     "Nice shot.  I think you got him," my dad said sitting to my right in the stand.  I leaned back against a tree and slowly let out a breath.  The sun habitually splayed its light on the dew split grass and robins flew overhead.  There was nothing quite like waking up with the world.  We sat in the stand a few minutes watching a quirky fox squirrel scamper around on the grass.  Then, all of a sudden, there was a loud racket behind us.  I turned in my seat to see what it was. It sounded like a bird screaming. 
     "That's weird, I've never heard a bird make a sound like that before." I said.
     "Me neither," said Dad.  "What's that moss moving for?  Why don't you go check it out."  So I got out of the stand and walked over to where we saw the moving moss.  Then I saw a little gray bird with a crest and rusty sides hung up in the moss, and some of it wrapped around its neck like a noose.  I thought it was dead.  Then it made another pitiful noise and struggled.  I went over to it and gently undid its wing and tail.  Then he fell a few inches and hung there from the moss around its neck.  I quickly grabbed him, He struggled and tried to bite me, but I held on.  The moss was very tight, and if I tried to pull it off he would  choke.  How did you get yourself into this mess I thought.
     I eventually broke the last strand.  The small Tufted Titmouse flew quickly into the tops of the trees.  As I walked back to the treestand I gave my dad a thumbs-up.  How ironic it was to have taken the life of one animal and resucued the life of another, both in the same five minutes. 


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Karen Robinson said...

What a wonderful young man Brayden is. He was out to get food for the family, but when that little bird was in distress, he did what he could to rescue it. I believe that will be him in the future, but with a person in distress in need of saving and he'll step up to the plate and offer his Lord and Savior to that person. How wonderful to see the character of the man your son will grow into one day. Please tell Brayden how much his story touched me. God bless!!