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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Favorite Time of the (school) Day

     My most favorite part of our school day together is read-aloud time.  Right after lunch my boys and I sit in the living room while I read aloud a book.  These books are assigned by our curriculum (Sonlight).  They always pick such great ones...and most of the time fall in line with what/where we are studying in History.  Today I read the last two chapters of The Hobbit.  I hated to see it come to an end.  What a great joy to read such a classic together.  I had not read it since 10th grade; my boys read it 2-3 years ago.  Their fairly recent reading did not bother them one bit, since it is an all-time favorite.  Their dad even read a couple of chapters while he was home due to some minor surgery. 
<em>The Hobbit</em>: Or There and Back Again [Book]
     Although I hated for the reading of this great classic to come to an end, I had so much fun reading those last chapters.  I always get a little teary (and sometimes really teary--depending on the book!) during the last chapter of our read-alouds.  My boys are used to it.  I was thinking today as I was reading those final pages that it really is a thrill to finally read the last chapter.  We spent a lot of hours together reading and enjoying this book.  We had seen Mr. Bilbo Baggins go through countless adventures and peril.  What a sense of accomplishment to finish that story together! 
     Whether you homeschool or not, I encourage you to read aloud to your children~!  (Note: It is very beneficial to read about 2-3 grade levels above your child's reading level.)

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