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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!

     It doesn't happen very often that April Fools Day falls on a Sunday.  I thought it would be great to play an April Fool's funny on my children during the Children's Sermon (along with the adults in the audience).
     As I began my time with the children, I took the microphone and told the children I thought that today I'd sing them a song.  (Note: I have NEVER sang a solo in our church...not even close!  I don't even sing in the choir.  The only people who get to hear me sing are the sweet 3 and 4 year olds I teach on Sunday mornings.) 
     I nodded to our pianist (we had this all worked out!) and she gave the introduction for "How Great Thou Art".  (How's that for my first solo?)  At the moment when I should've sang the first note--I said, "April Fools!".  Everyone laughed in relief!  It was a lot of fun to do that.  I tell you, though, I was so nervous!  It made me shaky just pretending like I was going to sing a song!! 
     I went on in my Children's Sermon to talk about expectations and Palm Sunday.  I asked the children if they expected me to sing.  Do you know that many of them said "no"!?  (I think they've heard me in Sunday School!)  I shared with them that what most people expected of Jesus was not the way God had planned.  Jesus' birth, life, Triumphal Entry, death and resurrection were all carried out in an unexpected way.  I am so thankful that God's plan was exactly how it was. (Scripture I used today: Zechariah 9:9, John 12:16)
      I'm sure our congregation is still breathing a sigh of relief that their preacher's wife did not attempt to sing today!  THAT was a MUCH better plan, trust me!!  :)

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