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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Both at the Same Time

     Last week during the Timothy/Barnabas Pastor's Retreat I had a moment (actually more than once) when someone was teaching and God's truth was revealed to me in a fresh way.  They were not teaching anything I had never heard of before, it was just the way it was explained, or how I received it that was new.
     One of our worship leaders was leading in prayer...he talked about how God is both "Abba Father/Daddy" and "Lord of Lords" all at the same time.  I knew this.  I have heard both of these things  most of my life.  I guess it was just the juxtaposition of those 2 truths that struck me.  We can go and sit in Abba Father's lap, but we approach Him with great awe and reverence because he is the Lord of Lords. 
     This all just came together for me.  As I stood there singing, an image quickly came to my mind: I, the daughter of the king,  entered the throne room- but I still bowed before my Daddy.  He then welcomed me lovingly to come and sit in His lap and talk to Him.  Wow.  Both at the same time.


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