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Thursday, July 12, 2012

2 Lego Projects

This is a Lego Table I made for my boys last Christmas.  I purchased 2 rolling carts, had plywood cut to fit on top, painted the plywood, placed non-skid shelving paper on top of the carts, put Lego plates onto the plywood, then placed the plywood piece on top of the carts...and ta-da!  I have not finished labeling all the bins.  My boys can easily fit a chair in the open spot--everthing they need is within reach. It would be great if we could fit every Lego into these drawers, but as you can see from the picture they have bins full of Legos.

     The other day I noticed my son was very quiet for several hours.  I would look in his room occasionally and see him standing over his Lego table.  Later, he came to me and said, "Mom, I want to show you something."  Lo and behold this is what I saw: 
I just love the crosshatch pattern on the roof.

He explained to me this was for a Lego contest. (He had just received his Lego Magazine the day or two before and had found out about the contest.)  The challenge from Lego was to build a scene from any of the Lord of the Ring movies. He constructed "The Prancing Pony".  (A Tavern Inn from The Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring) He took it apart before I could get more pictures.  The top floor of the inn lifts off to reveal the sleeping quarters for guests.  There is a barn outside as well as a chicken coop.

Here is an aerial view.

Inside the Prancing Pony, guests are having a chat by the fire.

 If I were forced to throw away every toy my boys own and leave only one...that decision would take me about 2 seconds: "Take everything else, but leave the Legos!"


Crafty Cristy said...

My son has been clamoring for a table similar to this for his birthday. I'll have to show your post to my husband.

And he loves his Legos more than any other toy, too.

Melinda Speece said...