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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Preschool Sunday School~A Church Helped

     I usually like to post about my Sunday School Class on Sunday or Monday...but, I've been very busy with VBS this week.  It's a little late, but here it is....

     Our Bible Story was taken from Acts 11:27-30.  We learned about how one church (in Antioch)  helped another church (in Jerusalem) by giving them food and money when they were in need.

The boys and girls really enjoyed matching the magnetic letters to spell out "I Can Help".  We then looked at the pictures and talked about several ways that we could help people.  (The paper was inside of a cookie sheet.)

This was a very popular activity!  I've been wanting to make a rice table for some time now.  As the children poured and scooped  the rice, we talked about how one church in the Bible shared food with another church.  After we were finished playing, I put the lid on the rice to save it for another day.

"Give to others."  Matthew 5:42

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